travel pro theory | brand launch

Our friend Heather of Heather Christopher Travel is at it again! It’s been a big year for Heather with the addition of new team member Chelly and now with the launch of Travel Pro Theory. I couldn’t be prouder of the waves this girl is making in her business and […]

travel pro theory branding session | ©Expressions by Jamie |

golden pineapple branding session | ©Expressions by Jamie |

heather christopher travel |business

As an entrepreneur, you frequently wear a hundred different hats while managing and growing your business. You’re not only the person doing the work but also the one answering every email and phone call – often late into the night, handling accounting, marketing, social media and everything else that comes […]

behind the bash | business

If you’ve ever been to a wedding expo before, you know they can often be overwhelming for both you and the vendor. With hundreds of participating vendors and even more couples in attendance with friends and family, there’s always a lot to take in. With a traditional format, you don’t […]


growing our family | expecting baby fisher #3 10

We have such exciting news to share… Baby Fisher #3 is on the way! There is so much to be thankful for and to prepare for that my emotions have felt like a whirlwind most days, but one thing is for sure. Life is just getting sweeter as we follow […]

welcoming associate photographer | colleen gouge

new associate photographer for Expressions I am excited to be doing something that I’ve loved since I was a little one. Photography gives me the opportunity to help others remember and cherish the little moments in life. Some of the things I love the most are sitting and looking back on […]

new-hire-colleen-gouge-expressionsbyjamie | ©Expressions by Jamie |

jessmith designs | workshop

Since becoming a founding leader of the Gettysburg chapter of the Rising Tide Society’s TuesdaysTogether, I’ve met an incredible group of local creative entrepreneurs. We’ve supported each other, helped each other grow and expanded our reach far beyond our wildest dreams. Through this group I’ve worked with some of the […]

3 reasons why you need branded photos for your business

You’ve come up with a name and decided on your offerings and prices. You’ve filed for your business license and secured an office space. You’ve taken a headshot and had a professional logo designed. You’ve started posting on social media and you’re already booking clients. You think you’ve checked all […]

George Peabody Library Baltimore Wedding | Expressions by Jamie |

day nine | 31 day – meet the maker challenge

march meet the maker series  day nine | •how it’s made• How are all these wonderful moments “made” for our clients? Our answer may surprise you! It doesn’t have anything to do with the type of equipment we choose to shoot with or the professional quality products we print images […]

day eight | 31 day – meet the maker challenge

march meet the maker series  day eight | •flatlay• Weddings are a perfect opportunity for this photographer to create beautiful flatlays. I love taking 45 mins before the big day begins to photograph details and little set ups like this that capture all the hard work that was put into […]

day seven | 31 day – meet the maker challenge

march meet the maker series  day seven | •routine• Much like my workspace my routine is ever changing. Most days begin at 5am and end at 10pm (also guilty of 12am), but everything in the middle? Your guess is as good as mine! Whether it’s a keyboard, camera, phone, passport […]