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Giving birth, especially to your first child, is an experience unlike any other. The past nine months, filled with anticipation, are almost over and this beautiful new chapter is about to begin. In a single second your life changes for the better. But, in the moment, you’re so focused on the safe arrival of your baby that you’re unaware of most things around you and unable to fully embrace the experience of everything that is going on.

That’s why having an experienced birth photographer is an amazing addition to your delivery room crew. As you’re bringing a new life into this world, a birth photographer is able to capture the look in your husband’s eyes as he sees his son or daughter for the first time and all of the emotions you’re feeling in the moment. You’ll forever be able to look back and experience that day in a way you weren’t able to do in the moment.

Being trusted to capture this milestone for any of my clients is such an honor, but being able to do it for family is even more special. I recently shared Erica + Seth’s maternity session here on the blog and today, I’m excited to show off their beautiful baby boy, Noah Allen.

As I have all my mommas-to-be do, Erica called me as her and Seth were on the way to the hospital. Usually, my clients keep me posted on how delivery is progressing and I make my way to the hospital shortly before they’re about to start pushing. Since I had a two hour drive to Erica + Seth’s hospital, I decided to leave immediately upon getting the call from my Aunt. Thankfully I did because Erica start pushing within 15 minutes of me walking in the room and pulling out my camera.

From Erica: Ever since I saw Jamie’s photos of her sister Kelly’s labor, I knew I wanted her to capture those beautiful moments one day for me as well. Throughout my pregnancy I remember telling people who was going to be in my delivery room and getting a negative response or wide eyed reactions. My husband and I decided we would have both of our mothers, my father and my cousin Jamie. I honestly wouldn’t have had it any other way. The most precious gift I have ever received was making his entrance into all of our lives and I wanted everyone to witness his arrival. My labor ended up being quicker than what I anticipated so just the fact that everyone got there in time was absolutely perfect. Jamie dropped everything and traveled 2 hours to capture this moment for me and I will forever be grateful for her. She arrived right before I started pushing and just as she explained to me before, I didn’t even realize she was there. She moved around that hospital room with such grace. She stayed out of everyone’s way but proceeded to capture the most amazing photographs. When she posted our “sneak peek” image, I gazed in amazement at all of the details that I didn’t even know were happening in the moment. I was so happy to see my husbands first reaction as he took his first look at our beautiful son. I cannot wait to see all of the other images from the most wonderful day. I highly recommend other women to allow Jamie into their delivery rooms. The outcome is purely beautiful images that will forever remind you of the most perfect day that God blessed you with. Thank you so much Jamie Lynn!

During the shoot I captured sweet moments like cord cutting, Erica’s mom and husband helping her through the pain, little tiny footprints and all the specs being taken after Noah was born. It is something I’m sure feels like a blur to most Mom’s right after their baby has entered the world. I remember while shooting all the details for Erica’s new family that she did it all with such grace.

It was clear that having endured the pain equivalent to 20 bones being fractured at once was hard on Erica. But, you could also see that she wanted more than anything to hold her sweet boy and kept her eye on the prize. I have witnessed quite a few women giving birth (my own personal birth with our two girls included) and I’ve never seen anyone do it with such poise. As Noah took his first breath Erica let out the truly only loud yell I can remember quickly followed by an entire string of words that even my sister wouldn’t be able to say as fast as they came out of Erica’s mouth. “Look at him. Look at Noah. He’s so beautiful. He’s perfect. His face, his hands, his nose, his …” (more than 50 words of affirmation followed) ending with a slower paced and content voice stating “and he’s all mine.”

Sweet Noah was born surrounded by the people in person and via FaceTime that love him most in this world. Being able to capture this moment for not only a first time momma but one of my closest friends and cousin was truly more meaningful than I could explain.

Erica + Seth, congratulations again on the birth of your perfect baby boy and thank you for trusting me with such an important milestone in your lives. You two are already the most wonderful parents to him and he is an incredibly lucky little boy. I can’t wait to watch him grow! Welcome to the world Noah Allen.

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